find guidance in your breath, set intentions with your spine and be moved by your core. this class will lift your spirits, untangle your mind and entice your body to work hard for you. building layers of movement on top of a strong foundation; finding a deep connection to your centre. prepare to vibrate at a new frequency.

this is our most loved class. it’s one for any time of the day.

FIND POWER. with a secondary focus on the upper body, this class will start with our classic abdominal section and include toning the shoulders, back, chest, biceps and triceps.
60 minutes

FIND STRENGTH. the focus here is on glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves.
60 minutes

FIND BALANCE. our whole body class. focuses on both upper body and lower body.
60 minutes

FIND ELEVATION. our cardio-based pilates class, with a classic abdominal warm up and a sweaty standing series.
60 minutes

all pilates classes are prenatal & postpartum inclusive


barre-less barre.

the way your body feels after a deep letting go. your mind unravelled. sweat on the floor. come one, come all; this class is about experiencing everything. you will find all of your favourite exercises in this whole body class: a brisk warm up, followed by isolations in the core, upper and lower body. elevating music will round out your experience. you won’t even miss that barre, we promise.

45 and 60 minutes


at long last. a methodical approach to asana. build heat and intention with confidence. a constant reminder of why you show up on your mat. the pace will be set by the room, rather than by the guide.

FIND SPIRIT. find your community in this slow, juicy, accessible class. great for anyone with limitations, those who are pre- or postnatal, beginners, or those who simply need time to focus on themselves.
60 and 75 minutes

FIND FREEDOM. in short, this is our flow class. it will always be catered to the student on the mat, rather than the guide’s expectation of the class. we will be building heat (sun salutations) and cooling down (stretches).
60 minutes

FIND STILLNESS. our most restorative option. focus on long holds, meditation, stretching and breath.
60 minutes

FIND FLUIDITY. fluid mobility lies in our relationship and connection to the earth. this class will set a foundation within your practice, in preparation to hear the guidance of the earth. in this act of grounding, infinite possibilities are created, giving you access to the organic unraveling and authentic sprouting of your fluid body. 60 minutes

all yoga classes are prenatal & postpartum inclusive


FIND YOURSELF. find yourself in this whole body movement experience. this class will remind you what it feels like to truly move from within. a fun movement based warm up to your favourite old school jams, add in some creative sequencing to elevate your heart rate...then we cool off with some slow steady mat work.

45 minutes


mama. baby. moving, bonding. and attempting to get a full yoga class in! we invite you to simply put baby on a blanket in front of you. this class is about finding support, creating community and aligning with like-minded people in a similar situation. breast/bottle feeding, breaks and tears are welcome. we will move together and flow based upon how the room is feeling without any strict timelines or goals. this is about feeling good, connected and heard.

birth to pre-crawling

if you’re looking to kick it up a notch, add a little spice to your movement practice or try a new class, this total body-weight HIIT (high intensity interval training) session is for you. this is a class that will increase your overall strength and cardiovascular endurance. we advise you to arrive with acceptance as you will end up sweaty and loving it.

30 minutes

bring your sneakers


work up a sweat with this fun, high energy fusion of easy to follow dance moves, cardio drills and toning exercises. this class will put a smile on your face as you cruise through movement that will inspire creativity, joy and most importantly, passion for your body.

45 minutes

bring your sneakers