Love of movement has been the driver of Andrea's foray into the fitness and wellness space. Her passion for barre was born in 2012. She was personally selected by the co-founder of one of the US's leading barre studios to become a teacher at Exhale Spa in Bermuda; in 2016, she officially became Barre Certified by Exhale. While her daily practice most often includes barre, she is also moved by yoga and Pilates. In 2018, she travelled to Bali to attend a retreat which deepened her movement practice and appreciation for yoga. Wherever her travels take her, they always include movement; her teaching is constantly informed by inspirational teachers she meets and classes she takes.

Described as "everyone's favourite teacher", her classes are almost always sold out. Her unique teaching style pushes students to motivate their minds, dig deep within their bodies, and let go of whatever might be holding them back. Her innate sense of musicality -- a byproduct of her training as a concert pianist -- shines through in her playlists, which expertly combined with movement to produce a full-body, multi-sensory practice. Be moved by Andrea in SHAMANA CIRCLE's Fusion class and experience the magic.